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Do You Know How to Make Your Business Office Better?

If not, now is the time to use over the shoulder views to:

  • Preview the latest software options
  • Look over my shoulder to see the results of my trials
  • Ask questions from the smartest people in the industry

Brian Bedrick of Interactive Data Partners shares how interactivedatapartners.com can help gather data from multiple databases and use it to create compelling dashboards for accreditation, audit, and board reports. LinkedIn Interactive Data Partners Renweb Quickbooks Bill.com iTunes Founder of Interactive Data Partners Interactive Data Partners consolidates school data that is usually all over the school… Continue Reading

Liz Summers

Liz Summers started her career with a choice. Over time, she saw the risk of two banking executives in the house and applied at the Independent School to work in the Business Office, on a whim. She was with the family on the way to Disney Land. After many great years, she has grown to… Continue Reading

Corey Anderson does social media right as he helps Schools with everything related to making iPads in the classroom happen. Working for SecurEdge Networks, he has used social media tools effectively to deliver value to the community. After pursuing his dr Secure Edge Networks handles everything mobility. Think about iPads in the classroom and SecureEdge… Continue Reading

There are a few things that can ruin a day before the day even gets started. In the Business Office, we are a routine machine. We may not do the same thing every Monday or Tuesday, but we do the same thing on the 15th every month, the 20th every month, and the 25th every… Continue Reading

files in order

A few months ago, I did a short post on Filing Conventions. You've got to get your files in order now, while you're working in them, or later you won't be able to get to anything you really, really need. Last week we talked about mistakes that people consistently make in Quickbooks. The first thing… Continue Reading